Office 365 Installation and Migration

The new Microsoft Office 365 is perfect for the advancing organization. With seamless collaboration and strong integration capabilities, Office 365 will simply make your lives easier. Let our team of experts migrate your organization from the standard desktop applications to a cloud of new possibilities. Microsoft Office 365, the new cloud based office applications allow you and your team to access Office from anywhere, even on the go. Make changes directly in the browser for those quick fixes. And when it's time for the heavy duty stuff, the newly integrated desktop solutions will still be there to do the trick. Let our team help advance your company's efficiency and technology today. Our Office 365 Installation and Migration services not only gets your organization deployed but we will help you migrate your current files to their new home in the cloud.


Simple Cloud Migration

What is this cloud? Is it safe to use? The cloud is a buzzword as of late that is referring to network of offsite servers secured by an outside agency. While security is a growing concern, we can help your team move your existing paper and locally stored files to the cloud in little to no time. With Simple Cloud Migration, our team of professionals will help you come up with a retention plan, find the best cloud solution for your organization and have you up and running in the virtual world, enhancing scalability and minimizing your upfront costs for newer technologies. Depending on your company's needs, we will find the cloud solution that best fits without losing the integrity of your data and while enhancing collaboration within your organization.

Virtual SharePoint Administration

ENA's Virtual SharePoint Administration(VSA) service is the perfect solution for any sized organization without a dedicated SharePoint staff. We provide you with access to our team of SharePoint implementation and administration specialists for much less than the cost of a full-time employee or on-site administrator. You can rest in confidence knowing that should a SharePoint need arise, we're just a phone call or email message away. From the smallest need, like a password reset to larger tasks, like creating a new site for a new project or refacing an existing site, your flat monthly fee secures our services and availability to you whenever you need us.
Our flexible monthly VSA service gives you the confidence and resources you need for your SharePoint site to grow with your company, providing a great foundation for scalability, integration and strong team collaboration.



Our standard monthly package includes: 

  • managing 1 TeamSite
  • up to five(5) hours of troubleshooting per month
  • managing permissions
  • adding and configuring apps
  • creation and structural modification of sites/subsites/libraries     
  • adding/removing users and licenses
  • 24/7 service monitoring with weekly reports and usage metrics
  • domain hosting and monitoring

Custom packages are available. Contact us today to create the solution that best fits your needs. 






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